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2018: "Your Last Day on Earth"

The 2018 Marching Railroaders' production asks a simple question: What would you do if you knew it was your last day alive? Would you beg for more time? Or party all night? Would you defiantly meet your maker? These scenarios will play out on the field to musical selections from Les Miserables, Fall Out Boy, and Queen. We'll see you on tour this fall!


Previous Productions


2017: "Contagion"

Durand's 2017 program introduced a deadly virus to the country, causing a nationwide panic before a cure was discovered and administered.


2016: "My Many Colored Days"

The 2016 program explored the many moods and feelings one experiences, from happy to sad, angry to inspired.

Musical selections include: "American Barndance" by Richard Saucedo, "Rocky Point Holiday" by Ron Nelson, "Nimrod" by Edward Elgar, and "Danse Macabre" by Camille Saint-Saëns.


2015: "From the Earth to the Moon"

The 2015 production took the Marching Railroaders to the moon and back, exploring a shuttle launch, the weightlessness of space, and a thrilling descent back home.

Musical selections include: "Apollo 13" by James Horner, "Afterburn" by Randall Standridge, "Twelve Seconds to the Moon" by Robert W. Smith, and "Millennium Celebration," by Gavin Greenaway. 


2014: "A Match Made in Art"

The 2014 production told the story of two star-crossed subjects of artwork on a quest to reconnect after being separated in their museum.

Musical selections include: "Nocturne" by Frederic Chopin, and "Once Upon a Time" by Jason Nitsch.


2013: "The laws of e-motion"

2013's production eschewed traditional storytelling, instead opting for an ambitious program of visuals and music to thrill audiences.

Musical selections include: "Velocity," "Acceleration," and "Inertia," by Jeff Chambers.


2012: "Automaton"

The Marching Railroaders were turned into silver-coated robots during the course of the 2012 production. Overburdened by the stress of processing so many humans, the robot-producing machine failed in spectacular fashion at the show's conclusion.

Musical selections include: "Many Hands," "Inventions," "The Fabric of our Lives," and "Conveyor Belt," by Michael Pote and Michael McIntosh.


2011: "The Ecstasy of Gold"

2011 saw Durand go west with their production, using iconic music from the films of Sergio Leone to tell a tale of love, saloons, greed, and duels at sundown.

Musical selections include: "The Ecstasy of Gold," "Bad Orchestra," "Jill's America," and "Man with a Harmonica," by Ennio Morricone.


2010: "Restaurant a la durand"

A chef's feud with a rogue mouse, a date night out, and a catastrophic fire tell the story of gourmet cuisine in Durand's 2010 production.

Musical selections include: "Rosamunde Overture" by Franz Schubert, "Dance of the Hours" by Amilcare Ponchielli, "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Johannes Brahms, "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C# Minor" by Franz Liszt, "Bella Nachos" by Mack Pittard, and "Tempered Steel," by Charles Rochester Young.


2009: "If walls could..."

2009's production involved a room, a birdcage, a girl...and eleven of her split personalities. One of Durand's darkest shows used a little-known suite of music by famed composer Danny Elfman to set the unsettling mood.

Musical selections include: "Serenada Schizophrana, Movements I, III, and V" by Danny Elfman.


2007: "Four"

Durand went back to basics in 2007, performing a show that explored the confinement of four corners. This show relied heavily on crisp drill movement and strong musical performances rather than the extravagant props that had become a hallmark of Durand's shows over the preceding decade.

Musical selections include: "National Treasure Suite" by Trevor Rabin, and "Rose of Arimathea," "Beneath Alrischa," and "Chevaliers de Sangreal" by Hans Zimmer.


2006: "Pathways" - Flight IV State Champions (15)

Durand won its 15th State Title with an ambitious production about the pathways one follows in life, featuring a large floor covering that held a myriad of painted paths used throughout the marching drill.

Musical selections include: "Battlestar Galactica Prologue" and "The Shape of Things to Come" by Bear McCreary, "The Fight" by Alexandre Desplat, and "October" by Eric Whitacre.